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Wedding Photography Samples 

We really enjoy shooting weddings, it's not an easy job, but when we do a good job it's a great feeling. We have to think on our feet, things happen so fast at a wedding it's easy to miss important shots. We always have backup equipment and plenty of batteries too.

This is my favorite photograph in front of the Miss Florence Diner in western MA

Formal black and white bridal portrait. this shot has quiet elegance

Dreamy photo effect with a soft filter, they loved the shot

Group photo portraits can be fun with the right prop.



Sister praying be fore wedding
The bride and brides maids praying
before the wedding ceremony

A very happy bride in brides dress

from back of church photo

From the balcony, I always try and get an overall photo like this
If there is no balcony, I'll shoot from the back of the church


More shortly, I'm redoing the wedding part of the site.

Happy Marriage!

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