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Fine Wedding Photography by
Rolf & Susan Hansen
(413) 743-4918


"Us" (old photo)

About Us:
Photographing a wedding is serious fun for us, with over 25 years of combined experience in photography and visual presentations, we pledge our hearts and souls as visual artists so you can trust us with your memories. It 's not just a product we are producing, our services include psychological support on your wedding day. We Love what we do. Think of us as, “friends who just happen to have cameras” we remind you to relax and have fun.

We discovered couples prefer spontaneous real photographs reflecting the emotion of the moment. There are many opportunities to get great photos without, "becoming.the center of attention" We blend into your day, capturing the beauty, the laughter and smiles.

We're not in your face photographers. We take a photojournalistic approach. (except for formals) We want to catch everything, not only the traditional posed shots, but lots of fun candids as well. By taking over 400 photographs (full wedding package) at your wedding and staying from start to finish, you can count on us for great coverage.
We love what we do. Our satisfaction comes from seeing couples walk happily out of our studio hand in hand, after picking up their pictures.

"We believe if you put great happy photographs on your walls - It will benefit your marriage."

Our Philosophy:

Always respect the dignity of the couple and their families.
Always work together as a team, giving both a female and male perspective.
Give our best effort always.
Never take longer than 30 minutes for formals after the ceremony.
Bring plenty of digital film and backup equipment.
Charge reasonable print and album prices.

Put fun first!

Here's a slideshow we recntly did of an older couple he's 80


amy bride

I love black and white photography

"We make weddings fun"

Wedding Studio and Location Photography in western MA

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