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Industrial Photographer in the Berkshires

We have worked in industrial photography for over 20 years. We enjoy the challenge of each new location shoot, you never know what lighting problems your going to encounter. We rise to the challenge.

We're located in beautiful Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts. I service clients in Western Massachusetts, Eastern New York and Northern Conn. and a few in Southern Vermont.

Call me for a free quote.

Crowne Plaza Pittsfield, MA
Crowne Plaza Pittsfield, MA photo for a brochure
I had to search for a good vantage point for this shot and wait
for a soft sunny day.

Location photography
Fast Service!  Septic tank service, I had to take a few shots to get the blurred background effect.

Industrial location machine photo
EDM Industrial machine shot with colored gels to spice things up a bit.
This was blown up for a trade show exhibit.

Berkshire Mall from the air in Lanesboro MA
Berkshire Mall from the air in Lanesboro Massachusetts
This is my idea of a fun assignment. I enjoy aerial photography.

I'm always ready to go.

location photography .
Production line in a Vermont computer factory, You can see by the computer case this is an photograph.
This was carefully set up to show the assemble line and the worker in the background.

industriakl waste sludge plant

Industrial Photography Services - Sludge plant photograph, This was in a very small dark room. I had to get up on a quickly made stage with an ultra wide angle lens, Not a very exciting photograph, but technically differcult.


Industrial Photographer in the Berkshires

Industrial Photography, Studio and Location Photos in MA, NY

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